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Are you a “start-up” or small business with a limited budget?
Want more customers for your products or services?
Looking for high-performance tools at affordable prices?
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Strategic & Effective Mobile Centric Websites designed & built - from only $995.00

Looking at building a new website, or possibly rebuilding/repairing your existing site?
Maybe add interest to your site with an animated logo or video?
Could you benefit from better prospect-to-customer conversion rates, more referrals, and increased client loyalty?
How about an effective, automated, yet very affordable follow-up program you can use to have physical cards and/or gifts sent directly to your prospect or client’s mailbox.

On the Internet, you will find many kinds of companies offering to help you market your products or services. Many are looking for “one-time” sales and immediate profits. Some sell a high-priced course that runs for a couple of weeks and then they are gone and that’s it for you.

AFFORDABLE MARKETING RESOURCES, on the other hand, is building a community of like-minded and experienced people who want to build long-term relationships. We want to help and guide you on your path to achieving success.

The tools AFFORDABLE MARKETING RESOURCES offers and the information and services our community provides are relevant to today’s online marketing and yet are grounded in basic principles that stand the test of time. Watch for our “blog” coming online soon where you can share and benefit from the experience of other clients, associates, and guests.
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Benefit from 50+ years experience "in the trenches" as a serial entrepreneur including 20+ years in the online world as an e-commerce vendor.
Learn from "real-life" wins (and losses) in starting, marketing and managing start-ups and small businesses.
Save valuable time and avoid expensive mistakes in navigating today's complex world of digital marketing.

My name is Richard Burke.
Over the years I have founded FOUR companies (one of them online for 20+ years) in completely different market segments – each one starting at $0 and growing to over $1,000,000 annual sales in less than 2 years.

Don’t waste precious time and money!
I focus on the solopreneur, startup, or small business owner with a limited budget.
Benefit from a lifetime of experience – including the good, the bad – and the ugly!

Business is complicated. Not everything works for everyone – and what works today might not work tomorrow!
In marketing, there is no “magic bullet” – if there was, we’d all be using it and we’d all be rich!

Discover affordable digital technology, resources and tools that work today while avoiding many of the money wasting online offers that don’t – and their often exaggerated (and sometimes fantastic) claims.

Simplify the way YOU work and focus more of YOUR TIME on what’s most important!
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We use only the finest tools and resources to produce the best results possible for your business – at prices you can afford.

Price shown is for a 16-section “sales page” style website (just like this one) and includes everything you see on this site except for the logo animation clip (see logo animation charge).

Multi-page and e-commerce websites are also available – contact us for a quote.


  • MOBILE CENTRIC 16-section design – works great on smartphones as well as on desktops or tablets
  • “CONTACT US” pop-up form with contents sent to your email address.
  • IMAGES – licensed, royalty free

A fast website is key to your online success in today’s crowded marketplace.
We provide and use the most advanced platform & tools to create, deploy and maintain your website at an affordable price.
You get high performance, supreme reliability, and the site security you deserve.

New design tools and technology allow us to optimize what would traditionally be a multi-page site into an efficient and easily manageable 16-section single page site that is ideal for mobile viewing and search engine optimization (SEO).

With over 70% of websites now accessed from a mobile device, your site MUST look good and perform well from smart phones and tablets as well as on desktop computers.

Graphic design needs to be more than just pretty pictures and clever graphic effects.
Our website design starts with a “business-based” approach that includes analyzing and addressing the needs and goals of the client while taking into account the interests of the website viewer.

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Open an online store with an e-commerce website.

You get everything included in our Single Page websites PLUS …

  • multiple pages
  • product listings
  • shopping cart – WooCommerce
  • payment processing – Stripe

Until recently, the cost of logo animation was prohibitively expensive.

Creation and use of logo animation adds life to websites, e-mail communications, social media posts, etc. Just like the logo animation included in the top section of this web page.

We have invested in new technology that makes creating a custom logo animation very affordable.

Get your website noticed and remembered.
Add an affordable logo animation to your website today!
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There are two big ‘secrets’ to getting new customers that often go unnoticed:
Someone who’s already purchased a product or service from you can help you get new customers by referral. 
Someone who has connected with you in the past (but is not yet a customer) is more likely to become a customer than a complete stranger – if you follow up consistently.

Some people use email automation for follow-up campaigns.
And, while that’s good, there’s a much more effective way.

What if you could send REAL CARDS & GIFTS to any contact – delivered right to their mailbox!
CLICK HERE to watch a short video about the system we use and recommend!


I build businesses based on long term relationships with real people – but relationships take time and effort to build. 

To help “break the ice” with potential new clients, we offer a “one-time” initial “IN IT TO WIN” phone or Zoom video call.

Let’s get acquainted and see if you can benefit from working with us.
There is absolutely no cost, obligation or ANY sales pressure!

At the very least, you’ll likely walk away with some new ideas and discover some free or affordable tools you didn’t know about.

Check out some of the FREE tools listed in the next section.

Simplify the way you work and get more time to focus on what’s important.

Click one of the links below. You’ll be glad you did!

CONTACT ME NOW! ... I would love to have the opportunity to show you how I can help and give you a quote.

FREE Tips & Tools

Here are some FREE RESOURCES you might find useful in helping you get things done faster or easier in your business.

We present these as a FREE service for you – no tricks or gimmicks. We have no relationship with any of the listings. It’s just one way of building trust and starting a relationship with you.

Click on any of the images to be taken directly to the site.
The list changes and is updated regularly, so come back from time to time and check out what’s new. Readers LOVE these tips.

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Create FREE POLLS you can easily share with friends, family, colleagues at work, and the world.
Quickly ask one or more questions and post your poll on social media, in an email, etc.
Website is FREE.
No sign up required.

Pexels offers completely free, no-strings-attached photos and videos.
If you're impressed with the high quality of the imagery available, it's 100% thanks to the generous contributions from our talented community of photographers.
While it's not required, we encourage you to give these contributors credit every time you use one of their photos—they always love to see how their photos and videos help people.

In addition to the obvious date and time data provided, this site offers TWO very useful calculator functions in the CALCULATORS tab in the menu bar.
1) DAYS CALCULATOR: calculates the time period between two dates - can be weeks, days, hours, minutes, etc..
2) ADD & SUBTRACT CALCULATOR: calculate a target DATE simply by specifying the number of days to add or subtract from a specified date.

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What people say about us ...

For the past 10+ years,
Extra Mile Color Print Marketing Inc. – our parent company
has operated an online printshop
serving clients throughout Canada and the USA.
Here’s what some clients
have to say about their experience.

"Fun to work with and a great end result"
Ken Kleist
The Old Garage Wood Fired Pizza
"Absolutely love my business cards and custom postcards!
Fantastic attention to detail, great customer service, and quality products!"
Erin O'Rourke Law
"Amazing customer service.
Richard is great to work with!!"
Kim Bishop
Blue Apple Promotions
"Great Service , prices and product!
Worked with him for 20 years!
Recommend him highly!! "
Barbara Tomlinson
Puppets Pizzazz
"Richard ROCKS!"
Linda Giddens
PM Training Group

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